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Irene Keene
Not sure if I'm allowed to mention this - I'm new to this community - but I blog about beauty and lifestyle at www.instagram.com/renees_ruminations
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Isobelle Gibbons
24/05-16:01 (edited)
Great news for the US, DIZZIAK has launched and is available exclusively from Farfetch 💗 - enjoy!! https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/beauty/designer-dizziak/items.aspx?q=DIZZIAK&qst=2&ffref=autosuggest;Designers;DIZZIAK;1
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17/05-23:11 (edited)
Hey everyone 👋, my name is Areej and I’m so happy to be part of this community. I got interested in beauty a couple of years ago, and I love testing out and reviewing beauty products, and it’s even more exciting when it’s a new launch. I’m looking forward to making new friends and gaining some tips beauty and tricks ❤️
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Hi all, I am NG and I have recently joined this community. I can’t wait to connect with like-minded beauty fans and discover new recommendations and get great beauty advice!
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Carolina Vieira
Hi all! I'm Carolina and am very excited to be a part of this community! I love all things beauty but I have a special interest in makeup. Hoping to learn about new products and great tips from everyone :)
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Kat Ven Beauty
18/04-13:04 (edited)
Hi everyone! I'm Kat from the UX Research Team in Farfetch :) Super excited for the launch of beauty and engaging with this fab community! When it comes to beauty, what comes first to your mind? A. Makeup B. Skincare C. Both D. Other
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Melissa Lim
Hi FARFETCH beauty community! Melissa here from the Future Retail Lab based in London; excited to look at what additional innovation we can bring to beauty :)
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Schoen Mathias
Hi everyone! so excited about the launch of beauty on Farfetch. I come from a background in beauty, at Estee Lauder Companies and that's where my appreciation for luxe fragrances came about. I've always loved beauty - makeup and skincare is what I spend most of my money on 😅 I'm afraid for my bank account now with the launch on Farfetch! I'm looking forward to discovering new brands, tips, tricks and recommendations! 😍
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