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Getting ready for my "Netflix and Mask" sesh :) I used to h
Melanie Giannetti
Getting ready for my "Netflix and Mask" sesh :) I used to have only one skincare product in my routine - a make up remover (if you can call it skincare ;)) My face is prone to acne and the make up was definitely deteriorating my skin. When I went for my first facial ever at Everyskin they gave me a full routine to try and little by little I have mixed and match brands I love including Barbara Sturm, Drunk Elephant and Paula's choice. The one thing I have added to my routine is my "Netflix and Mask" session where I casually watch Netflix with my mask on - such an effortless gesture that I can't live without now ! My skin feels much smoother and much brighter, I love this ! I can definitely see a difference and it just gives me confidence to not wear make up on a daily basis. Sometimes I just wear my face cream and voila !