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Violet Chachki - United States of America
Lesmaz TW
03/11-08:54 (edited)

Violet Chachki - United States of America

Since winning season 7 of 'RuPaul’s Drag Race', Chachki’s fronted campaigns for Prada and Pat McGrath Labs, cementing her status as a darling of both the fashion and beauty worlds.

What beauty products do you love to use, and what are some of your biggest beauty indulgences?
I love serum and definitely monthly facials! Drag is extremely taxing on the skin — with shaving and heavy makeup for hours and hours — so the aftercare is super important. I really love an active serum or a nighttime serum.

What do you love about the world of beauty?
I love the power it has. The power of transformation, the power of glamour. It's creative and it's also about self-love and presenting the best version of yourself — the version of yourself that you have in your mind.

Where do you find creative inspiration?
I've always found inspiration from the past. I love vintage aesthetics and classic glamour. There’s something very exciting about taking something that's been done and making it new and fresh.

How do you define beauty?
I think beauty is more an attitude than anything else. Confidence is really the most attractive quality anyone can have. So for me, beauty is just doing whatever you need to do to be confident.

Where do you find beauty in your everyday world?
I try to surround myself with as many aesthetically pleasing things as I can every day. I chose the name Chachki based off of the Yiddish word tchotchke, which literally means an item that has no real purpose beyond being strictly decorative. Traditionally people think of things that are strictly decorative as not valuable, but I find so much value in the escapism aspect of visuals. I like to think of my life in the same way I think of glamour, as something that you get to creatively direct.

What is your favorite emoji?