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Isamaya Ffrench - United Kingdom
Lesmaz TW
11/03-09:20 (edited)

Isamaya Ffrench - United Kingdom

The art-student-turned-makeup artist’s resumé includes roles such as Christian Louboutin brand ambassador, Byredo collaborator and Burberry Beauty global director.

What beauty products are you currently obsessed with?
I’m obsessed with pharmaceutical emollient creams and gels at the moment. They really provide the protection your skin needs when it’s going through tough phases. I’m also a big vitamin C enthusiast — it’s important to have one element in your beauty routine that has active ingredients to stimulate your cells. I never go out without at least a couple of SPF drops on top of my skincare/makeup, even though I live in London.

Where do you find creative inspiration?
Inspiration can come from anywhere, but I’m mostly inspired by books, conversation and traveling. Anything that brings you a new, fresh or even subversive perspective on life has great potential to be translated into new visual ideas.

How do you define beauty?
An impermanent set of rules. Think about how beauty ideals have evolved over the centuries. There always seems to be some kind of authority, but the only type of beauty that’s really timeless and that grabs your attention when you see it is confidence. When you meet someone who’s doing what works for them regardless of external influences, it feels genuine and inspiring. Individuality is beautiful.

Why do you love working in the beauty industry?
Because beauty is always evolving. Trends, social habits, beauty standards and technology are shifting grounds, and it keeps the work interesting.

What are you most excited to hear about from the FARFETCH Beauty Global Community?
I'm interested to hear what consumers are expecting from beauty brands today in terms of making the consumption of products more sustainable and less wasteful. I’m also excited to see what people are going to create and share among this new community of skincare and makeup enthusiasts!

What’s your favorite emoji?