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Mia Kong - China
Lesmaz TW
04/04-14:05 (edited)

Mia Kong - China

As well as an enviable CV including roles at Harper’s BAZAAR, Elle and DAZED, Kong is also a beauty aficionado who’s currently ambassador for FENTY Beauty China.

What beauty products are you currently obsessed with?
No matter what the current beauty trend is, the most important thing to me is maintaining healthy skin, like keeping my skin clean and moisturized. I believe in focusing on having a natural glow rather than just caking on makeup, so I usually avoid heavy foundation. I love all kinds of skin nutrition like serums and creams, but most of all: face masks! I always need some extra care in my (usually sans Shanghai lockdown) busy urban life.

What do you love about the world of beauty?
I love working in the beauty industry because I see beauty as one of the most personal ways to express oneself. Just like fashion, it’s about self-expression, personality, style and creativity. I’m inspired by the diversity of people’s styles and all the different ways of expressing beauty. No matter how someone interprets beauty, natural beauty or drama queens are all great.

When did you know you wanted to work in beauty?
As a teenager, I had really bad acne — I still have some deep acne scars left now. My way to cope was to research skincare and it really helped. I basically tried everything I could get my hands on; my skin was my laboratory at that time. From then on, my love for beauty just came naturally.

Where do you find creative inspiration?
I find inspiration literally everywhere in my life, from anything I love: be it sports, movies, music and especially fashion. Fashion is one of my biggest inspirations for beauty — I love to match my beauty look with my outfits. It’s the whole package.

What’s the one beauty product you can't live without?
Lipstick. I can easily change my mood in one minute by choosing a different lip color.

What’s your favorite emoji?