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Michelle Wong / Lab Muffin - Australia
Lesmaz TW
03/11-09:19 (edited)

Michelle Wong / Lab Muffin - Australia

Wong is a cosmetic chemist using her PhD in chemistry to reveal the complexity of beauty science to her audience of over half a million social media followers.

What are your biggest beauty indulgences?
I think most of my followers know that I'm a sunscreen connoisseur — I've tried a ton of sunscreens and have a lot of opinions about them! I also love fragrance. I own lots of perfumes and candles. I also appreciate a good cleansing balm.

Why do you love working in the beauty industry?
I love bonding with people through nerding out about beauty products. My background is in science, and it's very male-dominated, so using beauty products is seen as sort of frivolous — it's probably one of the reasons why the science behind beauty products was ignored in marketing for so long! It's been really fantastic seeing real-life proof of what we knew all along. People who are interested in beauty products deserve to be taken seriously, and marketing that doesn't speak down to us works.

What do you love about the world of beauty?
I love that it connects so many people around the world, and that it's something that you can turn to when you're having a great day, but also when you're having a terrible day. I think beauty is a feeling of self-worth and self-confidence.

Where do you find beauty in your everyday world?
I'm inspired by nature — my house is full of plants and surrounded by trees! I've lived in Australia pretty much all my life, and I don't quite feel right if I don't go for a long walk along the coastline or through the bush once a month.

What are you interested in hearing about from the FARFETCH Beauty Global Community?
Which ingredients do they want to know more about, and what beauty ‘facts’ they'd like to fact-check.

What is your favorite emoji?