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Erin Parsons - United States of America
Lesmaz TW
11/03-09:17 (edited)

Erin Parsons - United States of America

When she’s not leading makeup for fashion shows from New York to Paris, Parsons is sharing her expertize with an avid social media following of over one million people.

What beauty products are you currently obsessed with?
Luxury fragrances. For some reason, a new scent — one that’s very special, uniquely mixed and possibly not a mass product — always excites me. Any time I buy a new fragrance it gives me a serotonin boost. For me, skincare and makeup are necessities, but fragrance, that’s a luxury. That’s a real treat when you buy an expensive bottle that may be entirely your own scent, as not many others would have. It’s like your secret formula to boost confidence. Because you can’t see it but you can feel it. And even better if you’re complimented on it. It’s up to you to reveal the secret though…

What do you love about the world of beauty?
You can never get bored. Every day is a different look, client, designer, character. Not every makeup look will turn into a wildly creative design, but even a simple red lip can somehow satisfy that need to paint or express colors and textures. It’s really the most wonderful industry to work in. Mind you, I didn’t say it was easy! But stimulating and exciting, it is absolutely. As a makeup artist, I have all the items needed to create, so it’s up to me, my mind, to make it into art.

When did you know you wanted to work in beauty?
I don’t think I did know because I never realized you could even do this. It wasn’t really until I discovered Kevyn Aucoin's books in the 90s that I understood being a makeup artist was a real career. I got a job at a beauty counter in retail when I was 18 and basically worked my way up. Sometimes, if I’m feeling down, I’ll reflect on my road traveled. I’m still shocked at the projects I’ve been a part of — the fashion shows, iconic images and moments. I really have to pinch myself.

Where do you find creative inspiration?
Inspiration is everywhere. I find it in books, magazines, from other creatives I’m working with, vintage makeup, the history of makeup, icons and legends, nature. It’s really limitless. When I’m creating a look with models, their bone structure or coloring will often guide my hand. If it’s my own face, I have to create a character. I use makeup to become someone or something else. That’s what also excites me — turning into a creation.

What’s the one beauty product you can't live without?
Only one? LOL! I guess lip liner. I feel complete when I create a lip shape. But I can also use that same product as rouge or an eyeshadow. One liner can accomplish a lot!

What are you interested in hearing about from the FARFETCH Beauty Global Community?
I like teaching makeup history, so I want to know what they want to learn — techniques, color harmony, ancient products that exist today. I want them to have fun with makeup. To use it as a means of self-expression. Hopefully, I’ll be able to learn along with them.

What’s your favorite emoji?
🥰 — always trying to spread the love.